Tortuga Bay offers travel options to exciting tropical destinations around the world.

Tortuga Bay packages group trips at various times throughout the year.  These group trips are led by an experienced instructor.  As group leader this individual will assist with your travel and be available to provide open water certification dives or continuing education on the trip.

Tortuga Bay can also arrange travel for individuals or groups who prefer to travel on their own, or we can provide an experience group leader for your travels as well.

Individual travel arrangements can be made at any time.  Tortuga Bay has experienced staff familiar with diving many areas around the world and can assist you in decisions related to destinations you would like to travel to.

The following links will take you to pre-arranged group travel set up by Tortuga Bay.

Our annual Cozumel Get A Way in September.  Check out the flyer for full details

Cozumel Flyer 2019