Dive Master          

Assistant Instructor     

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Scuba diving is an exciting and fast growing sport.  There are essentially two paths one can take with scuba diving.

The first path is the recreational scuba diver, which begins with the Open Water Diver Rating and caps off with the Master Scuba Diver Rating. 

The second path is the professional path, which begins with the Divemaster Rating and caps off with the Open Water Scuba Instructor rating. There are even multiple levels above the OWSI rating which will allow you to teach various courses and specialties.

The professional path of scuba diving is a very rewarding path.  If you enjoy diving and being around divers, becoming a PADI Pro will be a path you will truly enjoy.  There is no feeling greater than teaching someone new skills and seeing them finally master them, or helping someone overcome a phobia and seeing the joy in their eyes when they finally do so.  As a professional you will also begin to receive compensation for your investment of time and effort. 

Professional level training is offered on a year round basis.  Courses are scheduled as demand dictates.  Most course numbers are small enough to give personalized one on one instruction.  Contact Tortuga Bay for more details regarding getting started in our Professional Programs.

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