Getting Started, the Open Water Diver Course 

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and one that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  It is also a great family activity.

Scuba diving is very easy to master and anyone from 10 years old and up can become a certified scuba diver.

The first step to becoming a fully certified diver is called the Open Water Diver Course. In this course there are 3 phases to be completed. Those are the academics, confined water training and open water evaluation. 

Academics. At Tortuga Bay, we utilize on line training to make the academic portion of your course as convenient as possible.  With the on line course you simply log onto the site and all your training materials will be waiting for you.  The on line academics eliminate the majority of your classroom time and you can complete it on your own schedule.  To access the on line training you will need an access code.  You can acquire one of these simply by going on line and registering at this link

Confined Water Training. This is the phase where you will learn how to assemble and disassemble the equipment you will be using to scuba dive.  In the water you will learn how to use the equipment, various water skills used in scuba diving, some emergency procedures and entry/exit techniques.

Open Water Evaluation. This is the final stage of the certification process.  The open water evaluations can be completed in many locations worldwide.  This portion consists of a series of 4 underwater scuba dives. The open water certification dives will take a minimum of 2 days to complete.  Tortuga Bay offers Open Water Certifications on a monthly basis.  Perhaps you have a vacation to an exotic location planned. In that case we can also issue you a referral form to take with you and allows you to complete your certification dives there.

It’s that simple.  In as little as a couple of weekends you too could be a certified Open Water Diver.  To get started simply follow this link and sign up for the on line academics.  eLearning OWD