The Advanced Open Water Diver Rating (AOWD) is the next step following certification as an Open Water Diver.  The AOWD course consists of 5 dives in an open water environment.  Each dive is the 1st dive of a specialty, such as night, deep, boat, navigation, etc.  It is an excellent way to gain experience and learn more about some of the various areas of diving you will be encountering.

The AOWD course consists of two phases.  The academics and the actual water work.  In some cases confined water as well as open water dives may be required, depending upon which specialty you are working toward. 

The AOWD rating can be earned in as little as 2 days.  Many dive operations will require an AOWD rating in order to make certain dives, such as dives deeper than 60 feet or some wreck dives.

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