Welcome to Tortuga Bay’s Shopping

For many years we maintained an on line shopping cart.  It was difficult to keep it up to date and very few items were ever purchased from it.

What we did learn was it was a good source of information for the astute shopper to learn about the products we offered.  It allowed them to become familiar with the product of interest and therefore able to make the best choice for them when purchasing.

With that in mind it only makes sense to guide our customers to the manufactures web sites, which contain much more information than we can provide on a shopping cart.  Below are a few of our major manufacturers we carry.

Sherwood Scuba                 https://www.sherwoodscuba.com/

Pinnacle Aquatics               http://www.pinnacleaquatics.com/

Intova                                    https://www.intova.com/

Tovatec                                  http://tovatec.com/

Although we carry other brands, these would represent the bulk of our product offerings.  We are an authorized dealer for all these manufacturers and will meet or beat any price you might find as long as it is listed by an authorized manufacturer.