Basic Open Water Course



The Open Water Diver rating is your first step in becoming a fully certified scuba diver. When you earn the Open Water Diver Rating you earn the privilege to rent air anyplace in the world and go scuba diving.

The Open Water Diver Course is divided into 3 categories. Those are ACADEMIC, CONFINED WATER and OPEN WATER CERTIFICATIONS.


Academics can be completed in a formal classroom environment, as a Home Study program or as an on line course.

Formal Classroom

This is the traditional method of training. You will attend multiple classroom sessions where an instructor will present the entire course in a lecture format. You will mini quizzes called knowledge reviews at the end of each module and at the end of the course a final exam.

Home Study

Home study is where you study the written materials in the manual, view the video and fill out some knowledge reviews. This portion will be conducted outside of the classroom and typically in the privacy of your own home and at your schedule. You then will attend a formal class to do a review of what you have done at home and take a final exam. Home study minimizes the time spent in the classroom but still involves some formal classroom time.

On Line Courses

On line courses are the latest offering for scuba training. With on line training, all academics are completed with a computer. This is the most convenient method and preferred by most of our customers. It allows for scheduling as your time permits and essentially eliminates all formal classroom activity. Once you are finished with the on line training, the next step is to get right in the water and start doing what you signed up for, scuba diving.


Confined water training, pool training, is where the fun really begins. You will learn how to assemble the scuba equipment, make entries, exits and do many skills associated with being a safe and competent diver.


The Open Water Certifications consist of 4 underwater dives, conducted over no less than 2 days, where you will demonstrate to an instructor that you can adequately and safely perform the skills asked of you. Upon successful completion of these dives you will be a fully certified Open Water Diver.

Open Water Certification Dives can be accomplished about anywhere there is water and an instructor. At Tortuga Bay, we offer certification weekends each month through out the year. You can also receive a referral form upon successful completion of your academic and confined water training, which will allow you to go elsewhere and do your certification dives with an instructor at that location. This works well if you are planning a trip to some exotic destination and want to finish your open water dives in that local.